2013 Collection: There is more to Fit than Meets the Eye

Our Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles Bodies

Above you’ll see a comparison of our three main bodies for the Fall 2013 season.  While they’re all a Hart Schaffner Marx suit, you’ll see they each encompass a different set of values.  Differences in the shoulders, waist suppression, and length are the most obvious visual cues, but there is more to fit than meets the eye.

The Chicago body, shown far left, is an easy-fitting suit for the man looking for comfort and longevity.  While traditional in fit, the styling of the garment reflects the change in times with subtle updates. The lapel width, gorge height, and jacket length have all been carefully considered, ensuring a look that won’t look dated after a couple seasons of wear.

The New York body, shown center, carries a fair amount of updates, all done quite discriminately, but without a hint of garishness. A higher armhole & slimmer sleeve highlight the increase in waist suppression, while the slightly shorter length and narrower shoulder are contemporary without being fashion forward. Its made for the man who is always on time, and this suit speaks to that.

The Los Angeles model, shown far right, challenges the notions of how a Hart Schaffner Marx suit ought to look and fit. Following current fashion trends, the LA is a full inch and a half shorter than its Chicago predecessor, and its body-contouring lines are far more physical in nature than the New York. Unlike other slim cut and fashion suits, the LA is constructed with the same quality and know-how of what one would expect from a traditional tailor, except this is nothing you’d ever expect to find from a traditional maker.

And we’re quite pleased with that. Following posts will consider each model in much greater detail.


A Visual Evolution: The Final Product

Yesterday, we wrote about the “lost art” of rigging mannequins, or fitting them in tailored clothing. It seems almost overnight (although in reality, it took excruciating hard work) that the showrooms have been transformed, displaying our Fall 2013 collection.

Here’s a preview below, but you’ll have to wait to see more of next fall’s product. Enjoy!

photo (92)photo (93)photo (96) photo (94) photo (91) photo (97)

Perfect the Look: The Three Piece Suit

Three piece suits, once seen as old-fashioned, have made a comeback with slimmer silhouettes and a modern look.

Michael Salamanca, Hart Schaffner Marx Senior Marketing Manager, sports a Hart Schaffner Marx grey three piece suit.

Michael Salamanca, Hart Schaffner Marx Senior Marketing Manager, sports a Hart Schaffner Marx grey three piece suit.

“A well-tailored three piece suit gives a more refined appearance, without the image of stuffiness or dressing above the occasion,” said Michael Salamanca, Senior Marketing Manager for Hart Schaffner Marx. “It makes a powerful impression as well as suggests a strong appreciation of style.” Read more for how to master the look. Continue reading

Fall Trend: The Fair Isle Sweater

The Fair Isle sweater, named for a small island in Scotland where the multicolored knitting technique was invented, has been a popular winter staple since King Edward VIII wore one publicly in the 1920s. The Fair Isle pattern is created row by row using a special knitting technique, and is usually made of three to five different colors. Over the years, the patterns and colors of Fair Isle have varied slightly to reflect trends, and this season the sweater has again seen a revival in popularity.

Clockwise from top left: Fair Isle Sweater, $145; Light Brown Herringbone Sportcoat, $650; Five Pocket Chino. Sportcoat available at http://www.hartschaffnermarx.com. Sweater and Trousers coming soon to http://www.hartschaffnermarx.com.

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